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Listing is for one plant only.

The plant you will receive, will be similar to one of those pictured.


Introducing the Astrophytum asterias cv. Superkabuto cactus for sale – a slow-growing cacti, resultant of meticulous breeding that involved repeated crosses with the most exquisite specimens. This dedicated cultivation process has been artfully orchestrated to produce nothing short of perfection, resulting in a collection of Superkabuto cacti that represents the pinnacle of excellence. These desert plants are approximately 5-6cm in diameter!


Characterised by its strikingly intricate patterns, this cactus boasts a mesmerising combination of white flecks and lines on a rich green surface. The Superkabuto is a true testament to nature's artistry, resembling a celestial landscape on a compact and resilient succulent. Its distinctive markings make it a standout addition to any plant collection, adding a touch of cosmic beauty to your space.


Add a touch of celestial elegance to your living space with the Astrophytum asterias cv. Superkabuto. Elevate your plant collection to cosmic heights and enjoy the enchanting beauty of this extraordinary cactus.

Astrophytum asterias cv. Superkabuto