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San Pedro Cactus For Sale UK

Are you looking for San Pedro cactus for sale in the UK?


Amongst all the choices you have when it comes to buying a cactus, the San Pedro cactus is a great option. The San Pedro cactus grows best in temperate climates and is relatively easy to grow in most regions. It can endure temperatures far below those of many other cacti since it grows natively in the Peruvian Andes Mountains at high altitude and with high rainfall.


Therefore, in their natural habitat at high altitude, San Pedro will be exposed to moderate easterly winds which provides exceptional aeration and a rocky substrate which prevents water logging. As San Pedro kept in the UK will not be exposed to the above climate, it is important to ensure that the soil dries out completely in-between waterings and it should be kept under a roof during winter months, as it is not fully hardy to the UK climate.


At Desert Plants we are proud to sell a range of San Pedro Cactus such as:



When you buy any of our cactus or succulents, you can be sure that our packaging is compostable, recyclable, plastic free, sustainably sourced and biodegradable.

Do you want to give something extra special this holiday season? Then, with our gift card, let them select their favourite cactus or succulent! We'll deliver the voucher and spare envelope to you, ranging from £25 to £200, so you can add a truly personal touch this Christmas.

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